My "Leafony" work with STM32 MCU

I presented a porting work from STMicroelectronics STM32 evaluation board to "Leafony" with STM32 MCU in 2021/ March. This was my preparation work to port drone autopilot software.

Japan Drone Exhibition

Dropped by Makuhari Messe site to see industrial exhibition wrt UAV/ drones in 2020/ Sep. I was interested in a panel of JAXA and Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology. They showed up a Quad Tilt Wing, which has two wings with propeller on right side and left side at each wings. Tilt Wing means that the wings are stand-up in Take-off or Landing, horizontal position in cruise, thus this is a VTOL. The pitch (angle) of propellers are controlled by the linear actuators.

GNSS-RTK by "Leafony" system

I presented a porting work of GNSS RTK system to "Leafony" with ESP32 MCU in 2020/ Aug. Used two F9P receivers of u-Blox. This was my preparation work to port GNSS-RTK on a drone autopilot software.

ECLAIR Open Forum

Electrification ChaLlenge for AIRcraft (ECLAIR) Consortium held an Open Forum in 2018/12. Electrification has been advanced in Aviation industry. Japanese companies aim to expand business in mid-small passenger aircrafts, whose replacement timing would be around year 2030. Since time line of design, test, verification and certification of passenger aircrafts is long enough, so that the market window is coming very soon.

"Aerial Robots" session of RSJ

Attended “Aerial Robots” session of the annual event of The Robotics Society of Japan held in 2018/ Sep. Tokushima University and Defense University presented VTOL designs. ArduPilot and PX4 are the choice of autopilot. The number of research papers with regard to AI or Deep Learning increased.

UAVCAN based Quadcopter

I presented my custom made quadcopter with UAVCAN at the research result presentation day in 2018/ July. A communication bus called “CAN” is often used inside automobile. There is a community in Europe and America to utilize CAN bus for drone design, which is called UAVCAN”. My first step is to replace ESC’s (motor controller) from conventional PWM signals to UAVCAN on F450 quadcopter I made. This work was the following-on effort after ArduPilot Japan educational class works held in 2017/ Spring.

Infrastructure Inspection Drone Proposal

I presented a concept of drone with hammering concrete inspection equipment by machine Learning technique at the Exhibition of Bridge and Tunnel Technologies in 2017/ Nov. PwC Japan Group was the sponsor of this pitch event for Infrastructure inspection drones, especially to the Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited.

InterDrone 2017

I traveled to Las Vegas in 2017/Sep to attend the InterDrone Exhibition and Seminars. Nearly 190 companies showed up and they mainly presented industrial application of UAV/ UAS/ drones. Growing application area spans to Aerial Photo taking, Survey and mapping, Construction, Infrastructure inspection, Precision agriculture and Realtor.

UAV Certificates

I received the certificates of UAV flight Operator, Safety Management and School Instructor from the issuer called JUIDA in 2017.