Internet of Robotics

Institute of Research

in Kyoto


In designing Autonomous IoT devices, the following R&D themes are supposed to be essential:

Positioning/ Navigation/ Timing (with GNSS)

Environment Recognition (by Sensor Fusion)

Safety and Security in Embedded System designs

Autonomous Mobility

AIoT would be "Autonomous mobility + IoT", which needs "Artificial Intelligence" in nature.

Mobile IoT needs wireless communication like as LTE, LPWA, WiFi and/ or Bluetooth for internet connection.

They want to know their position by using GNSS (GPS, QZSS) technology or a trigonometric method of wireless communication base stations.

Environment Recognition

Artificial Intelligence is now incorporated to recognize surrounding or environment via sensor fusion among camera image processing, LiDAR sensing data and ultrasonic / radar distance measurement, especially when wireless or GNSS signal gets weak under roofs, bridges or inside tunnels.

Safety and Security

Examples of Autonomous mobility are land rovers, marine robots or aerial vehicles. They are also said as Internet of Robotics that are capable to move autonomously.

These embedded system should be designed with Safety & Security "by Design" method from the beginning of the project to the end of operation life.


Private business on R&D of Embedded Systems

Work history (listing from the latest to old one)

  • 3 years of UAV/ drone electronics design

  • 2 years of drone pilot school operation

  • 2 years of Machine Learning based hammering sound analyzer development

  • 21 years of System-on-Silicon marketing and application engineering at a global semiconductor company

  • 12 years of Personal Computer System design

A Member of

  • The Robotics Society of Japan

  • The Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence

  • The Institute of Positioning, Navigation and Timing of Japan

  • The Trillion-node Study Group/ "Leafony"